Romeo and Juliet

Grover Theatre Company is thrilled to present it’s first play for 2018, a wonderful re imagining of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

The year is 1961.
The Cold War continues to rage throughout Europe, and the clash of culture and politics are now causing tensions within the divided city of Berlin. Within this divided city, the separation of East and West has materialised through the building of the Berlin Wall. On the East side of the Wall, known in code as “Verona”, the old Russian family of Montague rule and defend their tradition. On the West of the Wall lie the British Capulets, who relish in the glow of Western culture. These two rival families have fought viciously in defense of their own beliefs, and the Wall is seen as a literal enemy line. As a new generation takes hold of power within the city, the offspring of these two families begin their futures as their parents have planned, and hope that they do not cross each other’s paths.
Until now.

Director – Hannah Bird
Assistant Director – Taylor Kendal
Creative Directors – Carter Smith and Miranda Plane

Romeo – Carter Smith
Juliet – Georgie Mitchell
Friar Lawrence – Rohan Dimsey
Nurse – Lizzie Pereira
Mercutio – Kyle Leitermann
Benvolio – Miranda Plane
Tybalt – Adam Forgione
Lord Capulet – Luke Ingram
Lady Capulet – Eleanor Young
Prince/apothecary – Sean Tessari
Paris – Aaron Wilson
Lord Monatgue – Tony Bird
Lady Montague – Taylor Kendal

This show contains violence and sexual themes and is not suitable for children.