Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers tells the epic yet haunting story of the Johnstone twins, two brothers separated birth and growing up just streets apart and in vastly different socioeconomic settings. They are later reunited, despite a prophecy that foretells a mother’s tragic secret, a brother’s desperate search, and a shattering, but inevitable conclusion. Deeply moving and beguiling, this production is set to be a hit, with a stellar cast from the Peninsula and beyond, a live orchestra and design elements that will immerse the audience right into Liverpool in the 1960s through to the 1980s. Directed by Colin Armstrong and musically directed by Phill Scanlon, rehearsals have already begun for what is sure to be a fantastic production

Mornington Players Theatre Company is devoted to producing quality theatre in and around the Peninsula area. Celebrating our 70th Anniversary with a change of location, new rebranding and a fantastic production, we invite you to join us for our May 2018 production of Blood Brothers.